You know that some tasks are not that simple. There are too many variables in the equation. A broad overview with in-depth information, a detailed configuration, and possible sidesteps would help. Each Tutorial post is your source to get the job done. Tutorials often link with the brief Datasheet posts and How-to posts.
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Using quota on Synology NAS

Using quota on Synology NAS is a very effective way to control who can store how much data on a specific volume or in a shared folder. Depending on the file systems of your volume, a Synology NAS offers different ways to set quota.

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Using VPN With Synology NAS

Using VPN with Synology NAS teaches you to set up a VPN connection between a VPN client and a Synology NAS that hosts a VPN server. This instruction focuses on a VPN connection based on the OpenVPN standard, and this standard combines a good level of security with ease of installation.