Hyper Backup Vault – datasheet

Product Properties

Package nameHyper Backup Vault
Application nameHyper Backup Vault
Volume selectableyes
Service name (SSH)pkgctl-HyperBackupVault
Shared Folderno
Home Folderno
Hyper Backup supportyes
Certificate selectionyes
Application portalno
Firewall port6281
Date10 August 2021


The Hyper Backup Vault is the destination location for another Synology NAS that performs a backup with Hyper Backup. The application also provides an overview of all backup targets on the Synology NAS.


Install the package Hyper Backup Vault from Package Center.

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This adds the Hyper Backup application to the main menu and installs a service. 


In Hyper Backup Vault, you can set the number of concurrent tasks under Settings. The default is two (2).

The originating Synology NAS with Hyper Backup needs user credentials to access the destination NAS with Hyper Backup Vault. Create a dedicated service account on the destination NAS with access restricted to the Hyper Backup Vault application and backup location.

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For details about creating a service account, please reference Synology User Management.

Logging and notification

There is no logging or notification from the Hyper Backup Vault. Note that Hyper Backup has its own logging and notification.

Stop and run

You can both stop and start the Hyper Backup Vault service from the Package Center or through SSH.

Uninstall and removal

You uninstall Hyper Backup Vault via Package Center. Uninstalling the vault will not affect the backup folder and the files in it.


A single Hyper Backup Vault can store backups from different Synology NAS devices that run Hyper Backup.

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