2-Hardware Setup Of Your Synology NAS

Once you have chosen your setup of NAS, disks and optional RAM or cache modules, and UPS and ordered your kit, the moment comes of fitting them together and power it up.

This is the second part in a series on getting started with your NAS: the hardware setup.

Hardware Setup Of Your Synology NAS

Take your time, don’t rush. Read the setup guide. With a Synology NAS, there is a clear setup guide for installing drives and memory modules and connecting the NAS to the network and power outlet or UPS.

If you also bought a UPS, take time to set this up before you start your NAS or decide to add this later to your setup.


With Synology, the memory extension slot is inside the NAS, in one of the drive bays. So you typically install memory first and drives next.
Cache modules can be installed likewise or via a door at the bottom of the NAS, independent from drives.


Connect the NAS to the network and the power cable to the outlet or the UPS if you have one. Power the UPS up first and the NAS next. Wait until all lights on the NAS are lit, and you hear the ‘I am ready’ beep.


Maybe you also bought an uninterruptible power supply or UPS. Connect the power to your AC outlet and connect the DiskStation to one of its power connectors. Also, connect the USB cable for the automatic, graceful shutdown when a power outage occurs.

In part 3 we will switch on our Synology DiskStation for the first time and install the base software.

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