Every administrator needs a cheat sheet. Imagine the installation and removal, configuration, backup, certificate, shared folder, and more all on one page. Each Datasheet contains essential information in a compact and standardized format for quick reference. Datasheets often link with detailed Tutorials.
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USB Copy

USB Copy lets copy files and folders between a DiskStation and a USB or SD storage device, in both directions. The DiskStation identifies the USB drive and can start a task assigned to that drive. A task can start automatically or manually from DSM or after pressing the hardware Copy button on specific NAS models.

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Note Station

Note Station is a note-taking and to-do list application that synchronizes your notes between your system. The NAS operates as the central hub for storage and synchronization plus a web-based client. You can use a dedicated app on your computer and mobile devices. When working offline, your notes are synchronized when you reconnect.

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Synology Photos

Synology Photos is a photo and video management application. It can operate in Personal Space or Shared Space.
Albums help to organize your images. Other features in Synology Photos are filtering, search, rating, and sharing.

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VPN Server

The VPN Server package creates a VPN Server on your Synology DiskStation, and it allows VPN remote access into the DiskStation from any VPN client. The VPN Server supports PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec connections.

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Hyper Backup Vault

The Hyper Backup Vault is the destination location for another Synology NAS that performs a backup with Hyper Backup. The Hyper Backup Vault is the destination location for another Synology NAS that performs a backup with Hyper Backup. The application also provides an overview of all backup targets on the Synology NAS.

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Hyper Backup

Hyper Backup is a tool to backup data or LUN on the NAS to different destinations. Retains multiple backup versions. Also used for restoring data or LUN.

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Text Editor

Text Editor is a plain text editor directly in DSM. You can create new files and edit existing files like HTML, PHP, and other scripts.

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WordPress is an open-source blog tool and publishing platform for the internet. It is a content management system or CMS powered by PHP and MySQL.

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DNS Server

The Domain Name System (DNS) helps users find Internet applications, computers, or other network devices by translating domain names into IP addresses.

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Web Station

With Web Station, you can easily host and publish your own website. In combination with a PHP package, you can create dynamic websites.