Synology Photos – datasheet

Product Properties

Package nameSynology Photos
Application nameSynology Photos
Volume selectableyes
DependenciesAdvanced Media Extensions, Node.js v12, Synology Application Service; enable User Home service
Service name (SSH)
Shared folder/photo
Home folder/home/Photos
Hyper Backup supportyes
Certificate selectionno (uses System default)
Application privilegesyes
Login portalyes
Firewall portHTTP/HTTPS 5000/5001, or custom 5080/5443
Date07 Apr 2022


Synology Photos is a photo and video management application. It can operate in two modes or spaces.

With Personal Space, each user has its storage within its home folder. On the other hand, Shared Space uses a single shared folder and requires central management for access. Albums help to organize your images. Other features in Synology Photos are filtering, search, rating, and sharing.

You can access your photos via a web application or mobile app.


Install the package Synology Photos from Package Center. This package adds the Synology Photos application to the main menu. This package depends on the Advanced Media Extensions, Node.js v12, and Synology Application Service. The NAS will install them first, if not already present.

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The installation lets you enable the User Home service to allow the Personal Space. If you skip this step, only the Shared Space is available. Note that you can allow the Personal Space for users later.


If the User Home service is enabled before or during installation, the Personal Space of Synology Photos is automatically enabled. You can optionally allow Shared Space later from Synology Photos settings. If you do not enable the User Home service, you can work with Shared Space only.

To give non-admin users access to the Synology Photos application, assign application privileges to users or groups in Control Panel. To login to the Synology Photos web application, configure an alias or port number in Control Panel.

Logging and notification

There is no logging about Synology Photos. There are no notifications to enable in Control Panel.

Stop and run

You can stop and start the Synology Photos service from the Package Center. Look it up among the installed packages. Please select it and when Package Center opens its page, change its status with the arrow next to the Open button.

Uninstall and removal

Before you uninstall, make sure Synology Photos is not part of any backup task of Hyper Backup. Remove Synology Photos from that task to prevent errors during backup.

From Package Center, select the Synology Photos package. The property page of the application opens. Select Uninstall from the drop-down list to remove the service.

The uninstall wizard lets you delete items like albums, links, sort orders, and settings. Make your selection and click Uninstall.


Besides a web application, you can use Synology Photos from your mobile device with the dedicated Photos Mobile app (Android, iOS/iPadOS). You can use both the app and the web application from your local network and through different kinds of remote access.

An extensive series of posts titled Enjoy Synology Photos is in preparation. Please start reading with Part 1 – Overview.

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  1. Darren Jackson

    I believe if Synology Photos is accessed via the alias (e.g. photos) as defined in “Control Panel | Login Portal | Applications” then standard ports 80/443 will be utilised. Same for other Synology brand applications. This fact may determine alternative configurations for the firewall configuration to restrict DSM access.

    1. Thank you Darren for the suggestion. I may include it in a series of posts on Synology Photos that I plan to publish.
      Best regards, Paul Steunebrink / Storage Alchemist

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