Package Center – datasheet

Product properties

Package namen/a
Application namePackage Center
Volume selectablen/a
Service name (SSH)
Shared Folderno
Home Folderno
Hyper Backup supportno
Certificate selectionn/a
Application portalno
Firewall portn/a
Date10 May 2021


With Package Center, you install software packages on your NAS. You can view all packages or installed packages. Optionally, you can view beta packages.

You can add another source of packages to Package Center. The app will display these package next to packages from Synology.

You can install a package manually that is not displayed in Package Center or is a later version than the one displayed.


The Package Center app is part of DSM. It is always installed, and you can not uninstall it.

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Obviously, there is no package for it in the Package Center.


In the application, there is a Settings button with several tabs.

On the General tab, you can configure notifications and the trust level of package publishers. On the Beta tab, you enable the view for beta packages. The Auto-Update tab lets you configure whether or not packages are updated automatically and which packages.

You can add other sources on the Package Sources tab that offer packages, like from the Synocommunity. The Certificate tab lets you manage certificates for the different sources. By default, the Synology certificate is installed.

Logging and notification

In the Settings screen, General tab, you can enable email and desktop notification when updates are available.

Stop or run

There is no stop and run option for this package.

Uninstall and removal

You can not uninstall Package Center.


There are currently no notes for this package.

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