File Station – datasheet

Product properties

Package namen/a
Application nameFile Station
Volume selectablen/a
Service name (SSH)
Shared Folderno
Home Folderno
Hyper Backup supportno
Certificate selectionno
Application portalyes
Firewall portn/a
Date10 May 2021


File Station is the file manager of DSM. You can copy, move and delete files and folders. You can create folders and set permissions for files and folders. Although you can start creating a shared folder from File Station, the work is done by Control Panel.

With File Station, you can create a remote connection to another server or cloud service and upload files and folders from your local computer to the NAS.
You can create shared links to files and folders and sent those links to other users.


File Station is already installed. You can not uninstall it or install it separately.

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There are no features to configure in File Station.

Logging and notification

You can enable logging via the Settings button. There is no notification feature in File Station.

Stop or run

There is no stop and run option for this package.

Uninstall and removal

You can not uninstall File Station via Package Center.


There are currently no notes for this package.

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