Text Editor – datasheet

Product Properties

Package nameText Editor
Application nameText Editor
Volume selectableyes
Service name (SSH)pkgctl-TextEditor
Shared Folderno
Home Folderno
Hyper Backup supportno
Certificate selectionn/a
Application portalno
Firewall portn/a
Date09 August 2021


Text Editor is a plain text editor directly in DSM. You can create new files and edit existing files like HTML, PHP, and other scripts.


Install the package Text Editor from Package Center. This adds the Text Editor application to the main menu and installs a service.

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You can stop and start the service from Package Center.


You can configure several preferences in Text Editor, like show invisible characters, line numbers, or whether you like to have word wrap.

Logging and notification

There is no logging or notification from the Text Editor.

Stop and run

You can both stop and start the Text Editor service from the Package Center or through SSH.

Uninstall and removal

From Package Center, select the Text Editor package. Select Uninstall from the drop-down list to uninstall the service and application.


When Text Editor is installed, you can open a file directly in Text Editor from File Station. In File Station, right-click on the file, and select Open with Text Editor.

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