Log Center – datasheet

Product Properties

Package nameLog Center (extended version)
Application nameLog Center
Volume selectablen/a
Service name (SSH)
Shared Folderno
Home Folderno
Hyper Backup supportno
Certificate selectionyes, for receiving logs
Application portalno
Firewall portn/a
Date10 May 2021
Version1.1.10 (extended version)


Log Center (extended version) logs all events from the local server and other servers. Log Center can send notifications when predefined criteria (amount/sec., severity, keyword) are met.

You can archive logs, send logs to a Syslog server, or receive logs. Local logs are General, Connection, File Transfer, and Drives.


The limited version of the Log Center app is part of DSM. It is permanently installed, and you can not uninstall it.

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In addition, there is a package for it in the Package Center. This installs the extended version and replaces the limited version.


You can define archive settings, which include a destination, maximum size, and archive format. You can also specify a filter when sending logs to a Syslog server or create rules to receive logs.

Logging and notification

Log Center can send notifications when one out of three criteria is met. Criteria are the number of logs per second, the severity, and a keyword. There is room for three keywords.

Stop and run

You can both stop and start the service from the Package Center. Look it up among the installed packages. Please select it and change its status when Package Center opens its page with the arrow next to the button.

Uninstall and removal

You can uninstall Log Center (extended version) via Package Center. You will get the limited version back installed from the beginning.


The limited version of Log Center only shows local logs and sends notifications, for which you define the criteria. Archiving, sending, and receiving logs are part of the extended version.

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