Resource Monitor – datasheet

Product Properties

Package namen/a
Application nameResource Monitor
Volume selectablen/a
Service name (SSH)
Shared Folderno
Home Folderno
Hyper Backup supportno
Certificate selectionno
Application portalno
Firewall portn/a
Date10 May 2021
Versionn/a (part of DSM)


The Resource Monitor lets you closely review the performance of CPU, memory, network, disk, volume, and iSCSI. It lists both processes and services and all resource each use. Resource Monitor displays the connected users, including their originating IP address, name, and connection type. When connections are speed-limited, you can review them here as well.

You can enable usage history and performance alarm.


The Resource Monitor app is part of DSM. It is always installed, and you can not uninstall it.

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There is no package for it in the Package Center.


On the Settings page, you can configure usage history and performance alarm.

When you enable usage history, each monitor (CPU, memory, etc.) gets a Time range drop-down list where you can select a range between Real-Time, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year.

When you enable performance alarm, you can create rules on the adjacent Performance Alarm Rules tab. With a rule, you define a condition, including a threshold. If that condition occurs, an event is logged, and the administrator is notified.

Logging and notification

A performance alarm is logged in Resource Monitor and a notification is sent.

Stop and run

Uninstall and removal

You can not uninstall Resource Monitor via Package Center.


In DSM7, the Performance Alarm feature is available depending on the model.

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